Slap Nevada

Detroit native Slap Nevada delivered a brand new single earlier this week in honor of the one year anniversary of his debut ‘Don Juan Demarco‘ EP. ‘Remedy’ is a nasty cut that will get you hype with it’s boo-yah swag. Slap’s sound and delivery are refreshing. Be on the lookout for his brother Spike DuBose making a brief […]


Sea of Voices

Porter Robinson

Just as fans couldn’t wait any longer, Porter Robinson dropped his new track “Sea of Voices” last night. The song quickly became trending worldwide, despite the fact that the Academy Awards featured a “selfie” picture that broke records on Twitter. I won’t say much about the track because it’s definitely worth a listen and some […]


Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)

The Weeknd

It’s been almost a year since I’ve last posted and lately I’ve been thinking about what song to blog about for my reemergence on DML. It’s spring break for me but when I look out the window, all I see is bare tree branches and dry windy conditions. No surprise that this new Snakehips remix […]


Holy Ghost

Slap Nevada

Slap Nevada has been making some major noise with his newest EP, Ricky James. If you haven’t taken the time to listen to this hard hitting project, I highly suggest you dive in. There is some serious creativity and craftsmanship found in this EP that will definitely leave you pleased. “Holy Ghost” is my personal favorite […]

Ricky James (Cover)

Ricky James (EP)

Slap Nevada

Detroit recording artist Slap Nevada, formerly known as Tree Ave, recently went through a name change as a symbol of his individuality and belief in personal freedom. The 21-year-old producer/rapper experienced success in 2013 with his debut Don Juan Demarco EP and collaborative project Foxy x Ave with producer Foxy Nicholas. His newest EP, Ricky James, is by far […]


The Age of Reason


By: Amy Leet Gramatik stepped away from some of the hard, dubstep-style sounds he’s used in the past for his new album, The Age of Reason.  The album, released by Lowtemp, is the definition of electro soul. The jazzy guitar breakdowns and catchy vocals from artists like Gibbz make you crave the warm weather and […]


Background (MSG Remix)


Seattle band Barcelona have been drawing some attention for their recent Love Me – EP, and their first remix pack is a delight. However, the undeniable standout is this remix from MSG. The mysterious producer (who is making his remix debut) implements airy chords and highflying vocal cuts that take the song soaring into the clouds […]

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