KDrew- Last Train To Paradise (DeCadence Remix)


Smooth, clean, and HUGE! DeCadence goes in on this huge KDrew remix. With elements of progressive house sprinkled on top of a solid big room house foundation, this would be welcome in any festival dj’s arsenal. Whether its a show, a party, or just jamming in your car, this one is worth the listen. Definitely […]


DVBBS & Tony Junior- Immortal (DeCadence Trap Remix)


What’s the purpose of remixing a song? I’d answer by saying, “to make a song better”, ¬†and in this remix I’d say that is certainly true. favorite “Decadence” adds some trap flavor to this popular big room house track. With a drop in BPM and another layer of bass, this one hits basically as […]


Full Tilt (Original Mix)


Are you a fan of big room house? Chances are if you’re a fan of EDM you like big room house, and you’re excited to hear more from this genre on its recent rise to fame. DeCandence delivers on their first original production. DeCadence embellishes on their modern festival sound with this jam. The minimalistic […]