Mashup Monday | Sept. 23

Welcome back for another Mashup Monday. Got a little busy today, but I think I’ll get this one in under the wire all the same. Technically this post covers both this week and last, because last week wasn’t a spectacular one in the mashup world. In any case – got a great lineup this week […]


Mashup Monday | Sept. 9

Lucky for you folks, I don’t feel much like working today, which means I’ve had a ton of time to listen to music, and we got some good ones today. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend last week, I know I did, but it left a lot in the hopper so let’s get […]


Mashup Monday | Aug. 26

Sorry folks, the day got away from me I won’t lie. I also don’t have much time to waste with how my week went and why mashups are slowly a dying art form. In any case – here’s some music! Bruneaux hasn’t been featured here in awhile. I had my choice this week of two […]


Mashup Monday | Aug. 19

Lately, this post has been functioning better as an “every-other-week” kind of thing, which really means, whenever my playlists hit a critical mass of good music that it’s time to empty it out and start fresh. It seems August has been a vacation month for most, the pace of releases has slowed dramatically and the […]


Hump Day Hip Hop Roundup

Coming at you with a new feature today. Feeling too lazy for individual posts so we’ll see how long this one will last. First on the slate we’ve got the latest and the greatest from Virginia talent Goldlink. Spitting over one of the greatest producers in Ta-Ku, “Electronic Relaxation” is just that, nothing but solid […]


Mashup Monday | Aug. 5

Last week I was stranded in a proverbial desert island, nothing to cling to but a fire and a volleyball named ‘Voigt’. I was hunting for tiny crabs in the tide pools, cutting my feet on the sharp coral and wasting energy like I had it to spare. Yes I’m talking about mashups, last week […]


One Night with Kitty Pryde

Everybody who knows me is fully aware of my two weaknesses when it comes to women: redheads and musical talent. Combine the two and you have Kitty Pryde, my ultimate fanboy obsession. I’ve been meaning to see her for months now, but when she announced her LA show alongside Anamanaguchi, it was as if the […]


Mashup Monday | July 15

Turns out rainy Sunday’s get a little boring, I’ve been meaning to dust off Final Cut Pro for awhile, the last video I did was back in April, I really had no reason for stopping. I won’t lie it felt a little rusty at first but I was happy the way this came together; it […]


Mashup Monday | July 8

I’ll admit last week felt a bit rocky – first week back on the horse and what not, it was a bit uneasy getting back into the routine of things. This week feels much better. I put in my Mashup Monday due’s this week and I’ve got some great tracks to throw your way. First […]


Current State of EDM

As many of you know, I’ve been out in Asia for the past four months with no Soundcloud, Youtube, or WordPress so not only has posting been impossible, but keeping up with the music scene has been as well. In fact, the only new material I was able to pick up were the Disclosure and […]

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