Jack Skellington


G-Eazy drops off an early Christmas gift with a quick two minute track. Merry Christmas all.


Must Be Nice (Official Mixtape)


G-Eazy has been on my top 5 hip-hop list since he dropped The Outsider almost a year ago, and he remains an indelibly talented and well-imaged rapper, who puts those all-too-popular shenanigan rappers to shame. The newest album entitled Must Be Nice dropped today. Above you can find the video of his latest production with […]


Lady Killers ft. Hoodie Allen


“She just want to kick it with some G’s, smoke some trees, take some P’s, later she’ll be on her knees.” Supa hot fire, I post that. Tour buddies Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy have teamed up for one of the hottest tracks on G-Eazy’s upcoming album “Must Be Nice” dropping on the 26th. On Lady […]