Rebel Era (Free Album Download)


GRiZ, if you don’t know him already, is a Detroit native that embraces that new wave Colorado sound. The saxophone player has decided to take his most recent album in a more progressive direction and we can’t get enough of it. His music has evolved from more of a traditional dubstep feel into that electronic […]


Gettin’ Live


Lets get live. Electro Funk magician GRiZ  is back and better than ever. He channels his inner Big Gigantic on the sax with a little help from Muzzy on twangy lead guitar. You already know what you’re going to get from GriZ time and time again: quality. “Gettin Live” is the first single off GRiZ’s second […]


Mad Liberation


“I don’t have fancy recording equipment, amazing speakers, crazy keyboards, complicated sample packs, proper studio time, cutting edge midi controllers, or outboard mixing gear. What I do have is an endless imagination of the future/now, unrelenting will, constant fascination, and a heart that has no capacity to stop loving and trying. This business – when you boil […]