Troll Mix 4

Troll Mix Vol. 4 Get Ripped or Die Trying


Ahh, finals week.Where my blood fades into black coffee and my brain floods of sugar, but what to keep me sane throughout this whole week? Oh yeah, Troll Mix 4. Krewella dropped their new Troll Mix ¬†and has saved the brains of students everywhere during this dreadful week. The set list is a deadly combination […]


Alive (Madera Remix)


We here at DML fully recognize that “Alive” is very quickly becoming the next “Levels” in terms of the sheer number of remixes. However, when I heard this one I knew I had to post it. My dude Madera is an absolute production genius and it absolutely shows with his take on the KrewAnthem. Good […]

Troll Mix 3

Troll Mix Vol. 3: Makeout Edition


Wanna makeout? No? ok.. my bad… but seriously you need to check out Krewella‘s lovey- dubby romantic new mixtape; Troll Mix Vol. 3. It’s the makeout edition, for all you love birds out there trying to get it this Valentine’s day. So if you like the Troll Mix. 1 and Troll Mix. 2; Ya gonna […]


Troll Mix Vol. 2 Road to Ultra


In celebration of their UMF nod, the Krewella trio has dropped their second Troll Mix, and this one brings the rain (man). Featuring some filthy remixes of their own work as well as other artists like Pegboard Nerds, Cash Cash, and Baauer just to name a few, this hour long mix is the perfect thing […]


Troll Mix, Vol. 1: FUCK FINALS Edition


DISCLAIMER: I’ve drank A LOT of coffee today. “High energy, sweat inducing combination of drum & bass, moombahton, electro house, progressive house, and dubstep all in one package.” That’s some Krew love if I ever saw it. The high-energy American trio has torn the doors off of dubstep this past calendar year, combining powerful wobbles, […]


Come & Get It


As always, the Krew fails to disappoint. “Come & Get It” is a sexy and upbeat take on drum n’ bass, yet the Yousaf girls and Rain Man still manage to bring that classic touch to it as well. And by that, I mean Chi-town filth. Honestly, if you’re still wearing clothes at 2:35, something […]


Alive (MitiS Remix)


Looks like I’m taking over the site today, tunes on tunes on tunes. This one slipped through the cracks last week when it dropped, but I’m sure as hell not going to miss an opportunity to bring you guys some MitiS, even if that is the case. The Philadelphia native is one of my favourite […]


Can’t Control Myself (Protohype Remix)


Protohype vs. Krewella, round 2. Back in September, Protohype went in on the Krewella classic “One Minute”, the result being a full fledged auditory assault (bins LOVE alliteration). Now, he’s back 2 months later to put his unique spin on “Can’t Control Myself”, and it’s safe to say we have another heater. Dominating kicks and […]

alive pegboard nerds cover

Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix)


Sex. Sweat. Filth. Krewella has dominated the dubstep scene in 2012 with their absolutely insane productions, their incredible PR team, and of course the two sexiest women on this here planet. Literally everywhere I look now, I see a new Krew remix and their fanbase grows by the day. Now they’re onto new subgenres and […]


One Minute (Culture Code Remix)


Krewella is the gift that keeps on giving. Even when they aren’t in the studio, there is still some filthy tunes to be heard through the countless remixes out there. The latest banger comes to us from across the pond as UK producers Culture Code take on the Krew’s first massive hit “One Minute”. This […]

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