Zedd – Find You (Nine Harmonies Remix)


With a focus on the delicate vocals of Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant, Nine Harmonies reimagining of this popular track gives you more of what you love. This Zedd remix brings a harder, progressive feel to the original without losing any of the gentleness. Nine Harmonies decided to push the envelope with how aggressive vocal […]

ayo alex clarity remix

Clarity (AYO ALEX! Remix)


Over the past couple of days the interwebz have been flooded with remix after remix of Zedd’s anthem “Clarity”. DML regular, AYO ALEX!, has decided to throw his remix into the fray. AYO ALEX! eases you in with a soaring, euphoric melody before he unleashes a festival sized electro house drop that is sure to […]


Clarity (Feat. Foxes) (Zedd Union Mix)


Simply a masterpiece. When I watched German EDM stud Zedd shock the world on Late Night With David Letterman with his dropless, stripped down version of the massively popular “Clarity”, I have anxiously awaited the release. And here it is. Zedd is no longer a producer. He is a composer. The bone-chilling combo of strings and […]


Clarity ft. Foxes (Beerg & Haal Remix)


And they just keep on coming. Swedish duo Beerg & Hall are the latest to take on Zedd’s instant classic, “Clarity”. The two 17 year old producers have put together quite an impressive remix which makes use of pulsating basses, choice vocal chops, and the euphoric progressions for which their homeland is so well known. […]


Clarity (No Pets Allowed Remix)


‘Clarity’ was hands down one of my favorite albums released this year.  The album pushed Zedd to the forefront of EDM producers and one of the most recognizable songs was the title track.  No Pets Allowed gives their take on the track, with a simplistic rework, giving it a new melody with subtle drum effects sprinkled in. […]


Clarity ft. Foxes (Vicetone Remix)


Oh “Clarity”, the gift that keeps on giving. Ever since Zedd shared that acapella, we’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands, of remixes coming out of the woodwork and some of them have been absolutely spectacular. Vicetone’s efforts is one of those. The upcoming producer takes the track on headfirst and the result is a gorgeous, […]


Clarity ft. Foxes (Dirty Drunks Remix)


Switching things up from the past two downtempo tracks to bring you an absolute progressive house bomb. When Zedd released the “Clarity” acapella, I knew it was just a matter of time before these three picked it up. Dirty Drunks, the Brazilian trio that is set to the world on fire, drops off their newest […]


Clarity ft. Foxes (Aylen Remix)


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAH, this is good. Aylen returns to his wheelhouse by injecting some big dubstep bass wobbles beneath the high-octane Zedd original. Since he’s been messing around with trap in the past month, I feel Aylen has just been lacking. His trap songs, in my opinion, tend to get repetitive and don’t hold well to many […]


Stache (Lady Gaga “High Princess” Edit)


This may piss some people off. Lady Gaga herself should be the first to admit she absolutely fell off recently. She makes a somewhat triumphant return to the spotlight as he takes on one of Zedd’s biggest tracks off his “Clarity” release last week. Entitled “High Princess”, her additional pop vocals bring a new flavor […]


Spectrum feat. Matthew Koma (Ruby the Martian Remix)


While we eagerly wait to get our hands on Sir Shreddie’s spectacular Spectrum remix (say that five times fast), it seems another player has entered the arena. Not much is known about Ruby the Martian, however he or she just dropped one of the biggest songs to hit Soundcloud in a hot minute and I […]