Out Of My Mind (Henry Fong Remix)

Bingo Players

Christ, does this ever go. After successfully tearing the Beatport charts a new one courtesy of singles such as “Cry (Just A Little)”, “Rattle”, Mode (Don’t Blame The Party)” and “L’Amour”, the electro advocates know as the Bingo Players were unusually quiet this summer festival season. So, understandably, when they released “Out Of My Mind” […]


Banshee (Original Mix)

Shapes Of Light

Shit’s about to get real heavy, real fast. Boston based duo Shapes of Light are back, providing a follow-up to October’s “Chroma EP”, which rocketed all the way up to the the 9th position overall on Beatport. Now, hot on the heels of a stellar performance at EDC Orlando, Nick and Andrew have decided to […]


Driftin’ (Gazzo Remix)


Longtime DML favourite Gazzo is back with another take on indie kids Y LUV, the first two of which were hugely successful on teh interwebz (i.e. blogs/HYPEM). Combining forceful chord play and low end riffage with the distinctive vocals of Freddy Janney, Gazzo manages to create something that’s both dominant and melodic (as per usual). […]


Alive (MitiS Remix)


Looks like I’m taking over the site today, tunes on tunes on tunes. This one slipped through the cracks last week when it dropped, but I’m sure as hell not going to miss an opportunity to bring you guys some MitiS, even if that is the case. The Philadelphia native is one of my favourite […]


X☮, X☯ & X☢ EPs


Let me preface this by saying I’m not really a huge trap guy. In fact, a few months ago, I couldn’t stand it. However, as with moombahton (happy belated birthday, by the way), I’m slowly warming up to some aspects of it. The reason? There are always going to be artists creating music in innovative […]


Freshly Squeezed Artist


DML-ites, I’m pleased to present the newest Swedish sensation: Gatzby. As far as young talent goes, Sweden sets the bar fairly high. With homeland peers such as Jakob Liedholm and Thand experiencing significant amounts of success early in their careers, and acts such as Steerner and Tjernberg constantly flooding the market with top notch releases, […]


Love And Lies (Original Mix)


Woozy gang. Toronto natives DVBBS have certainly been making their mark on Canadian dance music as of late, a scene which has become remarkably difficult to penetrate in 2012. The release of the Initio EP earlier this year was merely an appetizer for the main dish that is their most recent offering, “Love and Lies”. […]


Blue Jeans (Chrizz Luvly & Marie L Remix)

Lana Del Ray

Nothing like getting a little Lana in the mix to start your day off right. Brazilian “dirty house” purveyor Chrizz Luvly teams up with Marie L for an unusually low-key effort. More well known for the blistering synth work and energy that’s front and centre on tracks such as “Love Is The Answer” and “Raveadelic”, […]


Can’t Control Myself (Protohype Remix)


Protohype vs. Krewella, round 2. Back in September, Protohype went in on the Krewella classic “One Minute”, the result being a full fledged auditory assault (bins LOVE alliteration). Now, he’s back 2 months later to put his unique spin on “Can’t Control Myself”, and it’s safe to say we have another heater. Dominating kicks and […]

Iowa Landscape Lens

Eclectic Electric


I’m feeling pretty all over the place today, and I’ve got new jams from Bicep, Solidisco, Stay+, Nico Pusch and Lights Above. The solution? An IDGAFOS compilation of all the cool shit I want you guys to have. We’ve got disco, we’ve got deep house, and just about everything else in between. Enjoy.

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