Da Funk (Claw’s 2010 VIP)


The notorious Claw of Brotown records outrageous dubstep duo Hulk, has unleashed this throwback VIP in the wake of Daft Punk’s new album being leaked. I wouldn’t box it in with the rest of their typically gnarly work, it’s a very melodic – even cinematic – dubstep rework with a very classic tone. If you’ve […]


On The Shore (Candyland & Clark Kent Remix)

Slow Skies

Candyland have been on fire lately. Fresh off another gnarly OG remix, the latest victims being daft punk, the duo teamed up with Clark Kent to put their spin on Slow Skies’ “On The Sore” (original post here). The slow start give perfect way to an epic progression and heavy drop that maintains groove with […]

Troll Mix 4

Troll Mix Vol. 4 Get Ripped or Die Trying


Ahh, finals week.Where my blood fades into black coffee and my brain floods of sugar, but what to keep me sane throughout this whole week? Oh yeah, Troll Mix 4. Krewella dropped their new Troll Mix  and has saved the brains of students everywhere during this dreadful week. The set list is a deadly combination […]

brenton matheus

Can We Survive (ft. Brenton Mattheus)


SirensCeol teams up with one of the hottest male vocalists in EDM, Brenton Mattheus. These two artists have been putting out sensational mixes for the past few weeks and this is just yet another one to add to the collection. This is by far my favorite vocal work by the young-gun Brenton Mattheus and both […]



Feature Cuts

Well, well, well, your night just got a whole lot better! The production genius known as Feature Cuts has unleashed his newest single off of his upcoming album and you lucky DMLer’s get to listen. I don’t want to put words in to Feature Cut’s mouth, so here is what he had to say about […]

To A New Earth EP

Slap Me (Griz Remix)

Kill Paris

Start your weekend right with an absolute treat. OWSLA talent Kill Paris’s upcoming “To A New Earth” EP is due out 2.26 and the homie GRiZ, king of Coloradub music, has released his own take on the first single “Slap Me” as a freebie. It’s funky, it’s bassy, it’s grimy, it’s jazzy. Everything we would […]


Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix)

Röyskopp & Susanne Sundfor

I’m absolutely speechless right now. I’m all for breaking down genre lines, but I can’t even describe what we have here. The best I can do is progressive trap with dubstep elements, but this track is so much more. Carnage, who absolutely killed his set at the Rise Online Festival this morning, teams up with […]

Troll Mix 3

Troll Mix Vol. 3: Makeout Edition


Wanna makeout? No? ok.. my bad… but seriously you need to check out Krewella‘s lovey- dubby romantic new mixtape; Troll Mix Vol. 3. It’s the makeout edition, for all you love birds out there trying to get it this Valentine’s day. So if you like the Troll Mix. 1 and Troll Mix. 2; Ya gonna […]

figure battles and castles

Battles and Castles Feat. Qwel (Original Mix)


In a sea of subpar dubstep, Figure continues to show the world why he is still relevant. In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up, he just let loose this unreal Lovestep anthem. The track is laced with video game elements that are accentuated by Qwel’s verses that seem to reference just about every aspect of […]

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