Dub Remixes

Here are some sick remixes of songs you have all heard with an awesome dubstep twist. On this track Chrispy, the mind behind the Inspector Gadget remix, takes Ke$ha’s hit single and adds some really intense womps and gives the song a much heavier tone. Tik Tok (Chrispy Dubstep Remix)-Ke$ha Enigma samples RHCP’s awesome hit […]


More dirty beats coming at you. Another dope track from Tek-One with one of the best drops I have ever heard. Broken String-Tek-One A short but awesome track by Liquid Stranger that resembles “Serial Killa.” Rocket Fuel-Liquid Stranger Sick remix by Bar9 that is calming at parts, but blows out your eardrums at others. Spanish […]

Sleep With One Eye Open

Wingz, back again, with some more grimey beats. The first track I have is a remix of a song by favorite metal band Bring Me the Horizon.  It was remixed by Tek-One a dubstep duo form England and it’s fucking dirty. Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix)-Bring Me the Horizon The next track I […]

Raise Your Weapon

Got some sick tracks for you guys this fine morning, including one that surprised the hell out of me. This is an awesome remix to one of my favorite rock songs. Knights of Cydonia (Nostalgia Dubstep Remix)-Muse Rusko does it again with this sick “Pro Nails” remix that easily surpasses the original. Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)-Kid Sister This is […]

Gossip Girls Like Dirty Beats

Wingz here with some more dubstep to blow out your speakers. First track we got is a sick remix by The Killabits.  It features vocals from Stephen Jerzak and Leighton Meester (shown here on the left with her Gossip Girl costar Blake Lively). Download She Said (The Killabits Remix)-Stephen Jerzak ft. Leighton Meester Next up […]

Wake the Fuck Up

Wingz here with some more dubstep to blow your speakers out. This track is originally by British electro-pop artist Example.  Dubstep group Bar9 remixed it and it has to be one of my all time favorite tracks. Kickstarts (Bar9 Remix)-Example This is another banger from Monster! Monster! who produced 555tompa, which I included in my […]

Dubstep 101

As T-Rex typed out, with his abnormally short arms, I am a Dubstep expert.  I don’t know if I would go that far, but i love this shit.  All I do is eat wings, party, and listen to grimey beats.  So here’s some woomping to start your weekend. Rusko is the king of dubstep.  His […]


The only reason I have mixed feelings for this song is because it blew out my speakers at our last party… this bass is nuts.  Prime is one of the premier dubstep remixers out there, and certainly takes the 90′s club banger Sandstorm to a new level. Download Sandstorm Remix

Sammy Adams

Ok new Sam Adams leak today (well yesterday now) off his new tape dropping really soon. Got best of both worlds with both Sam and Rusko on this track. DUBSTEP baby! Hold On Download Hold On   But since Still I Rise is available to purchase on itunes, I’ll leave you guys with two other […]

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