Basement Chronicles – Chapter 1

Republic Records

  There is no down time in the major leagues. Industry stronghold Republic Records has unleashed Chapter 1 of the Basement Chronicles, a compilation of today’s up-and-coming-spotlight-seeking stars and their game changing works. Tracking down and incubating everyone’s next favorite artists, Republic’s A&R team has patched our generation’s voice together into a succinct 15 piece […]

Relief Mike Stud

Bad Habits (Feat. Kinetics & One Love)

Mike Stud

Just when I thought I couldn’t love “Bad Habits” by Mike Stud and Kinetics any more than I already did, they dropped the video. I’ve been bumping this song since Relief dropped in May, but the video adds a whole new appeal to the track that you couldn’t get from solely the audio. “Bad Habits” […]

Marc Goone

Nothing Was The Same (Medley)

Marc Goone

Marc Goone has been releasing a bunch of new music lately, and I for one am loving every minute of it. His newest remix/cover/medley/sextape is titled “Nothing Was The Same”, and is a compilation of Marc going in on his 4 favorite beats from Drake’s new album of the same name. This medley is one […]

The Taylor Bennett Show

Rolling With The Gods

Taylor Bennett

So it turns out one of our favorite artists, Chance The Rapper, has a little brother? And this little brother also happens to be an insanely talented rapper? Well that’s news to me, but I’m certainly glad I heard “Rolling With The Gods” by Taylor Bennett because this kid has all the potential in the […]

No Trace Wake Up Call

Hear Me

No Trace

Boston rap duo No Trace recently dropped a video to probably my favorite track off The Wake Up Call titled “Hear Me”. The song features a dope, upbeat instrumental which goes perfectly with the verses and hook. Combine that with some sick lines and funny wordplay, and you’ve got yourself a hit. No Trace is […]

Hendersin Henny In Ya System

Henny In Ya System


Henny In Ya System is finally here! I’ve been a fan of Hendersin for more than two years now, and I swear this album was starting to feel like Dr. Dre’s Detox; something I was really looking forward to but was never going to drop. But after multiple setbacks and changes, Henny In Ya System […]

Marc Goone

Cups (Remix)

Marc Goone

Two Goones one cup! Marc Goone once again released a great remix to a mainstream artist, this time the track was “Cups” by Anna Kendrick. I’m not a fan of the original song at all, but Goone made a much better version. The song is about what Marc will do when he gets more well […]

On & On GoldLink

On & On (Remix)


[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/108031746" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] I don’t really know how to sum up this song in words. “On & On” by GoldLink is a tremendous track that covers a variety of genres and styles. GoldLink raps about his love life, but it isn’t really in typical fashion. The hip-hop feel is evident, […]

Huey Mack Pretending Perfection

Be Alright (Feat. Mike Stud)

Huey Mack

Every time Mike Stud and Huey Mack get together on a track, magic happens. These two are an amazing duo, and that shines through on “Be Alright”, the first single from Huey’s forthcoming album Pretending Perfection. The versatility we’ve learned to expect from Mike and Huey is obvious on this song. They each have one […]

Sunday Stud Day: The Mixtape Vol. 2 Mike Stud

Sunday Stud Day: The Mixtape Vol. 2

Mike Stud

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/10470838" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /] Mike Stud fans know the struggle of having to rip songs off YouTube every Sunday and hoping the quality isn’t terrible too well. Fortunately, Mike is a G and gave us high quality versions of his 13 latest editions of Sunday Stud Day! This tape includes everything […]

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