Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down

Here at DML, we sometimes find ourselves sinking into ruts, bringing you x house remix by famous producer y, time and time again. While everyone (myself included) loves to hear the latest Avicii or Skrillex, there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing our fans a bit of foreign cuisine. Although pizza is delicious, sometimes it’s nice […]

Kid Cudi WZRD

WZRD – Teleport 2 Me (Preview)

New WZRD preview! A few days ago, the Rager released via his twitter that his first single off the album would be called Teleport 2 Me, and it would be for the ladies. Well, he didn’t lie. This track is definitely better than “Brake” and I actually really enjoyed listening, but most of the credit […]

no malice

No Malice – June (featuring Eric David) (Official Video)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWOF4MsH-qo&w=600&h=338] The other half of Clipse lets go the very first video and single from his upcoming album Hear Ye Him. No Malice has all the wit and lyricism of Pusha T, but he comes across a bit more relaxed in this track. I’ve always been a big fan of Clipse as a whole, […]

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