You Got The Love Under My Skin (BootLeg)

DJ Michael Calise

It’s great to see talented upcoming artists get recognized for their efforts. DJ Michael Calise from Rhode Island is the perfect example. After playing countless events for URI and local venues he was given the opportunity to open for R3hab at Life in Color in October 2013 as well as shows with Nicky Romero and […]


The Notorious B.L.O.G.

We Like Peach Rings

The Notorious B.L.O.G. from welikepeachrings on 8tracks Radio. It’s been much too long since We Like Peach Rings emerged from the depths of the blogosphere with another peachy playlist. Until today. As you all know, Biggie remixes and mashups are thrown around by the masses. Lucky for you, we have sifted through all of the mayhem […]


Mashup Monday | Sept. 23


Welcome back for another Mashup Monday. Got a little busy today, but I think I’ll get this one in under the wire all the same. Technically this post covers both this week and last, because last week wasn’t a spectacular one in the mashup world. In any case – got a great lineup this week […]


Mashup Monday | Sept. 9


Lucky for you folks, I don’t feel much like working today, which means I’ve had a ton of time to listen to music, and we got some good ones today. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend last week, I know I did, but it left a lot in the hopper so let’s get […]


Mashup Monday | Aug. 26


Sorry folks, the day got away from me I won’t lie. I also don’t have much time to waste with how my week went and why mashups are slowly a dying art form. In any case – here’s some music! Bruneaux hasn’t been featured here in awhile. I had my choice this week of two […]


DML Interview: A Lyrical Genius

Rap Genius

You are lying in bed, earbuds in, when a lyric from a song on your iPod catches your attention in a way it has never caught your attention before. You might press pause, rewind the song- you might even start it back from the beginning, just to hear it again. This may go on a […]


Mashup Monday | July 22


Another week – another video – if you’re keeping track that’s 2 for 2 so far, we’ll see what comes down the pipe for next week – right now it’s still up in the air; for now enjoy DJ Topsider’s “This Feeling” feat. Usher, Icona Pop & Hyper Crush. First up this week we’ve got […]


Mashup Monday | July 15


Turns out rainy Sunday’s get a little boring, I’ve been meaning to dust off Final Cut Pro for awhile, the last video I did was back in April, I really had no reason for stopping. I won’t lie it felt a little rusty at first but I was happy the way this came together; it […]

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