Mashup Monday | July 1

Well I’m back. I decided around Memorial day that I needed some time away from the Mashup world. Which is funny because I still kept a pretty close tab on Soundcloud and my favorite artists, but backed away from trying to find new things. More than anything I just needed some time away from having […]


Mashup Monday | May 20

Evening internet. In case you missed last weeks post, it was a collection of my favorite Daft Punk mashups and is now available in 8tracks form here. This could be in my head but as the weather starts to roll into summer it feels like the tracks are adapting as well. Let me know if […]


Mashup Monday | Daft Punk Edition

Surely by now you’ve heard the news, seen the trailers, peaks and leaks. The new Daft Punk album entitled “Random Access Memories” or something along those lines – has hit a critical mass of attention. Thus I thought there was no more fitting a day than today to celebrate all things Daft Punk with a […]


Pow Wow In The Love Shack

Mid-West Coast

Making his worldwide blog debut, teenage mashup maestro Spencer Goodman aka Mid-West Coast brings us his latest production. It’s not Mashup Monday, but this deserves a standalone post anyway. With so much monotony of samples and rhythms in the mashup game, it’s refreshing to hear two rarely touched pieces. The B-52 sample perfectly complements the […]


Mashup Monday | May 6

I know many among you are probably studying for finals so I’m more than happy to provide you with some procrastination music this fine evening. There are certainly days I tell myself I miss that grind, but then I get an anxiety attack and remember how great it is not to have to stay up […]


Tuna Truffle (Tommy Trash Coachella Snack)

Tommy Trash

Alright so I promised I would do a Coachella recap post but…no, not happening. So this is my quick debrief; it was magical. I was also lucky enough to see Tommy throw down one of the most memorable sets of the weekend, including this tasty new “snack”. He laces co-production with A-Trak “Tuna Melt” over […]


Mashup Monday | April 22

I can’t lie – this was not the most exciting week in the world of Mashups. In fact, I’m in mourning a little as one of my favorite artists and a good personal friend has decided to take a hiatus from the game. I get it – it gets grinding, it wears on me just […]


Mashup Monday | April 15

I’m fairly certain that I say something along the lines of “I’m excited for this week” or “got some good stuff this week” every week. I know it’s not a bad thing but it gets repetitive. I guess it balances out all of those weeks where I can’t find anything and then get on my […]


Notorious Insanity (1996)

Flight Facilities

Ahh, some good ol’ 90′s tunes. There’s nothing better than to chill out to some good groovy 90′s beats. And to top off Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity” combined with the drums from “Killing me Softly” by the Fugees, is Biggie spitting his classic “Hypnotize” rhymes. Flight Facilities, an Austrailian indie electro DJ duo who has been […]


Mashup Monday | April 8

Plenty of great tunes to welcome in the fresh Spring weather this week. I’m excited for the tracks this week, its a nice diverse gathering we’ve got, some up, some down, a couple in between. Lets get to it. I don’t know who Rundfunk is but I might have to look them up on Spotify […]

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