Heart this song on Hype Machine! As some of you may know, I am a Sharkf3ng fan. Am I biased? Absolutely. Does that matter to me? Absolutely not. After Sharkf3ng’s last mashup smashed the Hype Machine charts (reaching number 4) in the popular section, I figured it would be in your (and my) best interest […]


Mashup Monday | April 1

Afternoon Mashtizens, I don’t have a ton of time to write this post today so it will be justifiable brief. Don’t let that dissuade you from listening however because this group is one of the best I’ve had in awhile and I’m very pleased to share them with you. Still sticking with soundcloud embeds as […]


Mashup Monday | March 25

Hello again friends. First a big thank you once again to Ricky for guest spotting last week’s post – I wouldn’t have got it done without him; and an excellent job to boot, one of the most popular MM posts since I took over back in June. Hopefully I can live up to his standards. […]


Mashup Monday | March 18

Preface: I have to work late tonight so I asked Ricky to step in and grant us a look inside his mind as he offers his guest post of Mashup Monday. Thanks Ricky! When I was asked to do a guest blog post for today‚Äôs Mashup Monday, I was quite puzzled. I see myself as […]


Mashup Monday | March 11

Morning folks! It appears that the problem I originally encountered 3 weeks ago is no closer to a resolution, as such I’ve again resorted to an 8tracks playlist. Please let me know in the comments how you guys are finding this and if I need to explore other options. I saw a comment last week […]


Mashup Monday | March 4

Sorry to deprive you all last week, frankly there just wasn’t much to post and the site was having problems hosting my tracks so I scrapped the post. This week however was teeming with magnificence from all corners of Soundcloud. Full to the brim my iTunes was this week. Enough of all that. I apologize […]


Mashup Monday | Feb. 18

Turns out when you stop working weekends you actually have a lot of free time on your hands. I woke up Sunday morning, made my usual pot of coffee and sat down to realize there was nothing on my plate for a solid 8 hours. I figured I would put the time to good use […]


Mashup Monday | Feb. 11

Normally I reserve this space to talk a little about myself and the week passed; I’m not really feeling it this week, plus my life is pretty boring and there’s a ton of new music to talk about, so we’ll just get right to that. This week saw new tracks from some of my favorite […]

dook and drez frat

Frat House Filth

Dook & D-Rez

My fellow Virginians, Dook and D-Rez, have just released their new mashup album titled Frat House Filth. Staying true to its title, this four-song album is indeed “filthy”, packed with some banging party tracks that I’m sure you’ve heard at a frat-related event or two over the years. The idea of this project is to […]


Something About Heights

Ricky Cervantes

As I promised you Monday, I’m pleased to bring you Ricky Cervantes latest EP “Something About Heights,” his first full length album. In his own words it’s a “MADE IN HEIGHTS themed album that breaks the barriers of genres by pulling in samples from most major genres to create a consistent and cohesive sound.” I […]

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