Little Secret Fireman/Dynamite California/Kryptonite

3 SICK Mashups this morning. First one is from a dude name Tim Gunter, “Fireman” by Lil’ Wayne and “Little Secrets” by Passion Pit go real together. Download I know some of you might be getting sick of both Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” but The Metamorpohis does a great job mixing […]

Otherside (Remix) and A Celebration

This is a really sad but nonetheless phenomenally well done song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Remixing the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ hit “Otherside,” it brings up a controversial topic about what the newscaster featured calls the cough syrup epidemic, something Wayne has made very popular recently.  Pretty old so many of you guys might […]

Show Me Love Vs. Infinity Mashup

Hey guys for my first upload I thought I’d throw up a techno mashup from this summer. Real simple, mash 1v1 almost splice combination between Michael Mind’s “Show Me Love and Guru Josh Project’s “Infinity”. Enjoy Show Me Love Vs. Infinity= Download

Mashup Germany + An Extra

Just got out of class, saw that Mashup Germany had dropped another mash today so up it goes. Really well put together mashup mixing Flo Rida’s “Club Can’t Handle Me” and Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” As he has done previously there is the acapella and beat of both songs featured. I love how he […]

Kid Cudi

Who doesn’t love Kid Cudi. I think there should be a genre of music devoted purely to him. Anyway I’m hoping you guys got most of his mainstream stuff so I have to real nice remixes and an EPIC mashup with his stuff. -Round Table Knights I know “Embrace the Martian” is old. Like two […]

Sippin on Cali Sizzurp on Dec. 4th

Sitting in the library and these three mashes came on in succession and I knew I had to post them up. None of them are particularly new (California remix is about a month old and is the newest one) but they are all really good. Tropice is a sixteen year old hailing from B’more. Good […]

The Hood Internet

The Hood Internet is composed of ABX and STV SLV, two guys who like to think of themselves as the “fantasy-sports-league stylistic collabos” of the music industry.  That analogy belongs to their booking agent, but I couldn’t agree more: these guys know how to make music.  Sampling indie and alternative beats and attaching vocals from […]

Mother Earth Remixes Pt. 1

Mother Earth Remixes are created by Andrew David, a college kid at Penn State who definitely has a knack for this whole mashup thing.  These are hands down some of the best chopped and screwed bastard pop tracks out there.  Not only are these tracks clean, they show true time and effort put in by […]

5 & A Dime

Greg Kantor aka 5 & A Dime is unreal, hes a student at Lehigh University and one of the best up-and coming mashup artists today. The majority of his mashups are “Girl-Talk” party mashups with short samples in them. He just put out his first album The Other White Meat earlier this year and has […]

Mashup Germany

If you haven’t heard of Mashup Germany by now then you’ve been missing out big time. He’s a 26 year old Half American living in Germany putting out a shit ton of mashups. Though some of his stuff features European music (which I’m sure a lot of you wont like) he does feature a lot […]

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