Krewella – Killin’ It (w/ Video)

I know I posted this about a month ago, but the video just came out and it’s Krewella frenzy all over again here at DML. The Yousaf sisters, like always, provide some of the best vocals and beats in the dubstep game, and they’re absolute angels to boot. For real though, I died on the […]

Michael Cameron – Freaks and Geeks Remix (Official Music Video)

Normally I wouldn’t post another Freeks and Geeks remix, but this is too good. Michael Cameron gives us the first single off The Prelude to the Odyssey, an 8-track freestyle tape, which is set to be released January 31st. MC is a very versatile artist, and shows that he can spit bars in this one […]

OCD: Moosh & Twist – Hold It Down (Music Video)

I was going to wait to post this tomorrow along with the mixtape, but this song is just too good to wait. “Hold It Down” is the promo track off OCD’s mixtape The Vestibule, with visuals by Rex Arrow Films. They both spit ridiculous bars in a sweet video to cap off the anticipation of […]

Dev – Dancing Shoes

I would argue that there are very few female artists who can match Dev‘s universal male/female appeal, fewer that can come close her vocal talents, and virtually none who can match her stylistic combination of creativity/badass-ery. We’re used to seeing her on her racier most popular projects like Bass Down Low/Dancing in the Dark/Naked, but […]

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