Jared Evan

Are We Almost There Yet?

Jared Evan

Jared Evan just made my day by releasing the official video for my favorite song from his recent EP Boom Bap & Blues titled “Are We Almost There Yet?”. This song really shows off Jared’s versatility, as he puts together his amazing singing voice with a dope rapping verse that make for a hit. This […]

Huey Mack

My Soul

Huey Mack

Man, I love when Huey Mack makes heartfelt songs. Even though he broke onto the music scene with frat rap (namely his remix of “Call Me Maybe”), recently we’ve seen a deeper side of Huey. His newest song titled “My Soul” is a remix of Fall Out Boy’s “Save Rock & Roll”. Huey mixes it […]




Fresh off making the 2013 XXL Freshman List (coming as a surprise to nobody) and officially signing with Def Jam, Logic just dropped quite possibly his best song to date. “Nasty” is a complete hit, with every element being great. The Don Cannon produced beat is straight fire. Logic spits some of the nastiest rhymes […]


Turnt Up (Feat. Dizzy Wright)

Chris Webby

Despite its Saturday release, I figured I’d breath some new life into Chris Webby’s new single “Turnt Up” with Dizzy Wright because it was too much of a gem not to post. I’m usually not too into hip-hop songs completely revolved around weed, but “Turnt Up” is a different story. Webby and Dizzy dropped it […]

Restless (Mixtape)


Hip-hop fans can choose to face the music- or not, if the sight is too much to bear. Let it be know that any cliché suburban rapper stereotypes require an asterisk from this point forward. If you’ve been blessed enough to have an open mind, I can’t imagine you only play through this record once. […]

Wild For The Night (Official Video)

A$AP Rocky x Skrillex x Birdy Nam Nam

A$AP Rocky and his Mob took a trip to the Dominican Republic to bring us this one. Skrillex and DJ crew Birdy Nam Nam team up to produce this record- one that has every sloppy girl at my school (including myself) spazzing out on the dance floor. It doesn’t get much more “surprisingly awesome”, as […]


Mashup Monday | March 18


Preface: I have to work late tonight so I asked Ricky to step in and grant us a look inside his mind as he offers his guest post of Mashup Monday. Thanks Ricky! When I was asked to do a guest blog post for today’s Mashup Monday, I was quite puzzled. I see myself as […]

Xanax Bars (Official Video)

Ricky Hil

The latest Ricky Hil video may be a couple weeks removed from its release, but I just got into his latest project SYLDD and had to toss this on the site. You may or may not know of him already- Ricky Hil (formerly Rich Hil) has worked with the likes of Cudi, Fat Trel- even […]

Middle Finger To The World (Official Video)

David Sabastian x J. Angel

A brand new visual from LA’s David Sabastian was let loose earlier today. Dynamic artists to me don’t merely represent some sort of change- I know all of these up-and-coming rappers have the tools to be explosive. Each artist, each verse, has the ability to hook and influence fans like myself, no matter what biases […]

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