Say My Name (E-603 Remix)


Every so often I hear a song, mashup or otherwise, that makes me stop what I’m doing and just listen and appreciate it without distraction. I first heard E-603 an insanely long time ago when he was working with mashups. To this day “Torn-Up” is one of my absolute favorite EP’s. Lately though he’s made […]


Break In

Saturday Looks Good To Me

It has been brutally hot this week (for San Francisco anyway) and I guess the reality that summer is around the corner cannot be escaped any longer. That means one thing to me, it’s time to start padding my summer 2013 music selection. Just added to the list is Saturday Looks Good To Me. While this […]


Carried Away (Dillon Francis Remix)

Passion Pit

Moombah master and perpetual oddball Dillon Francis drops in amidst his “World Turr” with arguably his best remix to date. The perfect highlight of good vibes and bright chords by Passion Pit complement the classic DF moombah (on acid) treatment and vocal chopping. Francis says that this along with his Suit & Tie Remix are his two […]



Hanni El Khatib

Representing Innovative Leisure Records, Hanni El Khatib is an awesome group out of Los Angeles producing incredible garage, blues tracks. Their single ‘Penny’ is backed by amazing melodies and strong drums. The group played at SXSW and has plans to play at Coachella on the 14th and 21st of this month. “Your my perfect little […]


Who Do We Think We Are (feat. Rick Ross)

John Legend

Sorry for the brief hiatus, I’ve been college tripping and the time change on top of uncomfortably cold midwest weather have me outta wack. I have some backtracking to do. My man John Legend is back with another single leading to Love In The Future with a verse from none other than Rick Ross. Although my favorite […]


Keep Together

Hunter Hunted

If your ever going through a fight with your significant other, Los Angeles duo Hunter Hunted has the single to keep things rolling. ‘Keep Together’ has incredible rhythm and is just one of the many strong tracks featured on their debut EP available on iTunes and soundcloud now. Connect with the steadily emerging group on twitter as well!


Killing Switch

Last Lynx

Sweden has given us lots of great non-musical things like meatballs, Ikea (the meatballs at Ikea) and H&M. Additionally, they’ve given us some terrible musical contributions like ABBA but in a great step towards redeeming themselves from the ladder, we have Last Lynx. The baby band of only about 2 years was recently signed to […]


Driven Out


“Everywhere you go is away.” Solo artist out of Vancouver, iamforest, released his new three track EP on Monday featuring some lovely tunes that have been bringing powerful energy to my now winding down spring break. I don’t want to categorize his music into any one genre because it is all over the place in […]

Pet Lions


Pet Lions

Quite the treat I have for you here. Today marks the release of “Popular Nature” from Chicago based Pop group, Pet Lions. This is their second album release since their debut EP, Soft Right, back in 2009. The album was produced, mixed, and recorded by Neil Strauch (also worked with Andrew Bird and Iron & […]


Eyes Like Sky

Frank Ocean

America’s favorite crooner is back seemingly out of the blue with his latest track “Eyes Like Sky”. Franky Osh delivers over this guitar-laced track, taking us back to the days of The Lonny Breaux Collection, the 60+ track production from the beginning of his career (link found here). You expect nothing less than heartfelt lyrics and jaw-dropping […]

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