(500) Days of Weezy

“This is not a mashup album, this is an album about Wayne.” This laid back, relaxing 

Hangover Cure Pt. 3

Three tunes for the morning after… We’ve got a battle of the classics with OutKast vs. Queen:

Morning Mr. Carter Mashups

No one can get enough of the recently freed Wayne, so we’re throwing up some sweet Weezy mashups to start your day off This one’s got him with The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun” – another winner from Young Church

Tor & Sufjan Stevens – Illinoize

Illinoize comes from Montreal-based producer Tor, sampling songs from multi-instrumentalist and indie rockstar Sufjan Stevens.  This is a really cool album because it combines the hooks and twists only guitar rifts can provide and the sick lyricism that can only be found in the hip-hop genre.  So sit back, relax, and let Illinoize take you […]

Hangover Cure Pt. 2

This comes off an album that is receiving a lot of hype in the Hip-Hop/Rap world right now called A Day In The Life of Cam Meekins, Cam rocks a really laid back beat that fits his flow perfectly

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