Collin McLoughlin

I’ve said it multiple times and will say it again, this guy is SICK. He is a grad student at NYU and is also a member of the hip-hop group Nautical Young which was started when he was a student at Colgate. He is going solo through the same management team which brought up Sam Adams. He just performed in NYC with DJ Philistine, 5 & A Dime and the Kinetics in a supposedly epic concert which I’m really pissed I missed. Anyway hes released three tracks so far. GET THEM.

The first two tracks are his two main releases so far, they have a “pop” feel but still retain a hip-hop/r&b background.
Back to the Wall
Download “Back to the Wall”

Come Back to You
Download “Come Back to You”

This next song is a cover of “Airplanes” that has been bouncing around the internet for around two weeks now, it has a completely different feel than the original.

Airplanes Remix

Download “Airplanes Remix”