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WALLA is one of those special bands to me. Every song they release is full of life and completely original. Their EP “Nature” has received recognition from MTV & Billboard and the lead single is climbing the charts. This interview was a lot of fun and the guys were very interesting. I see a bright future for this witty group! Check out the interview below and make sure to connect with them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


WALLA!! Tell us a little bit about your origin. Where are the FIVE of you from?

Originally we are from 5 different parts of the world.. Brazil, Korea, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico/El Salvador. Somehow after walking very different paths in life we all managed to meet each other in a “small” little town called Los Angeles, it was very serendipitous.

Did any awkwardness arise from all of you first meeting on the Internet? Was there a moment where you all finally “clicked” and realized you had formed something special?

Yeah, you know that feeling when you go on a blind date and its extremely awkward in the beginning, you don’t know what to say next, you don’t know if the other person likes you. That’s the best way to describe how we all first met. The moment where everything first clicked is when we all went to ‘Happy Endings’ (its a bar name) and partook in multiple alcoholic beverages. That’s when we really started to open up, oh and you can’t forget the crap talking, we love talking crap to each other. Girls bond over shopping, guys bond over talking crap to each other.

Is there a captain of the ship or are the duties evenly distributed between all of you?

Each one of us has their own strengths (and weaknesses), thankfully there’s been a good balance so far. Which is also one of the main reasons we chose the democratic and capitalistic approach. Although there are power struggles at times, if anyone tries to become a dictator, we all try to dethrone him immediately.

What has been the most exciting part about your quick ascent in the industry?

Yeah things are moving very fast and suddenly for us. The best part of becoming more involved in the industry is that you get to see what really happens behind the scenes, some of it is pretty, some of it not. Before this all got started, we had our preconceived notions of what the industry was about, but now that we are in the middle of it, its very entertaining to see what really happens behind the scenes, there’s a whole other type of entertainment behind the entertainment, if that makes sense..

Where does your name originate? How did you all agree on it?

We got to give credit to the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens for helping us with the name, specifically ‘The Wallaby’ section. That was name we were originally gonna go with, until we democratically agreed that it was too cheesy. This lead to a typo where we temporarily referred to our project as ‘WALLA.’ Which then lead us to look up the meaning which according to ‘wikipedia’ is the sound effect imitating the murmur of a crowd in the background. The word and the meaning of it had just enough quirkiness, character, and whimsy for us to all agree upon it.


“Nature” is a fantastic EP. Where was that album recorded and what was the writing process like? When did it become apparent that “Nature” would be the hit from the project?

The album was recorded in two different studios in Burbank and Silverlake. The studio in Silverlake was nice on the inside but the surrounding area was one of those places where you might have to carry a firearm for protection. The writing process was very smooth, we had been working on those songs live for a while, so when our producer approached us, we were ready to go and cranked out and recorded all 4 songs in about under 2 weeks.

And we didn’t know people would respond so well to “Nature” actually, I don’t think most artists do know which songs are going to be hits or not, if they did everyone would be millionaires.

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You’ve been featured on MTV & Billboard. Describe what its like to see major publications use such kind words when talking about your music.

Were very grateful for any kind words said about us, big or small publications. We all come from very humble beginnings so even if a random stranger says something nice about our music, we still turn red.

Can you fill us in about what will be coming next? Will we be seeing an official music video anytime soon?

We are releasing an official music video for ‘Nature’ and those who check out the video will also get a free gift from us, so make sure to watch it once its out.

Leave us with some words of wisdom.

Theres 5% of life that should be taken very seriously and the rest not so much..