Don’t You Worry Child


Normally I stick to my Mashup Monday posts and disappear for another week; but when the opportunity to drop a DOSVEC exclusive crossed my inbox I couldn’t resist the temptation. I’ve been a fan of his for just about as long as I’ve been into mashups, back when I first stumbled across his music he wasn’t even DOSVEC yet, I feel old. I got the opportunity to pick his brain about a year ago in a correspondence interview, if you haven’t read it, let’s just say he’s more than just a pretty face and puts a lot of thought into his music.

When choosing the track for this post it came down to two and for the first time in recent memory I actually sided with the more EDM sounding one. “Don’t You Worry Child” takes the last SHM track before their hiatus, and mixes in some Nelly Furtado along with Gary Go’s “Cinema” to magnificent effect. I don’t normally love EDM+Top40 style mashes, but the vocals here really set the tone, it’s not some whiney little girl voice, but a deep, rich, and soulful vocal track that actually sounds like they have some talent, you forget at times that there’s house music underneath it. What more could you ask for? Well maybe a little hip-hop but go grab “GAMUT” if that’s your ish. Otherwise, this one will live in my library for a long time.

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