Exmag – Proportions

Eric Mendelson Exmag Gramatik ILLUMNTR Mike Iannatto SuperNicer

By: Amy Leet

When most people think about electronic music, they only think about bass-infused beats and killer drops. While that’s the criteria for most of it, a new genre is emerging and quickly becoming quite popular.

Many producers such as GRiZ, Gramatik, Big Gigantic, and now Pretty Lights have been pushing the envelope of electronic music and adding live instruments to their sets, making a groovier, jazzier performance that you can’t help but “get down and funky” to.

A side-project that Gramatik has been working on with Eric Mendelson, SuperNicer, Mike Iannatto, and ILLUMNTR called Exmag has just released their album titled Proportions, tagging it as “future soul” music.

If anything could be considered soul, THIS would be it! Plenty of guitar solos throughout the album stay slow and synthy, yet extremely jammy. There are still dubby breakdowns, but they don’t go as hard as your typical dubstep or trap.

While you may not want to rage to this music, you can’t stand still while it’s playing. You can either get the funk down, or get the funk out!