Fresh Squeeze: anEVEmachine EP


Meaningful vocals, unique production, and a progressive artistic outlook of the world. anEVEmachine delivers in all categories. Danni Eckstein, a Boulder native, embraced music as lifestyle and it makes for a new age sound that doesn’t clearly define any genres. The vocalist has her hand tries her hand in many different styles and continues to keep us interested. Be on the lookout for a remix EP by new and upcoming dance/trance/electronic/dubstep artists.

“She is a believer in the power of knowledge, and a seeker of truth. anEVEmachine’s dream believes that wisdom should be dispersed across the world, because knowledge is power.  She writes based off “Eve’s persepctive,” based off the notion of evolution. anEVEmachine’s purpose is to elaborate on the creational story in order to clarify its true intentional meaning that was deconstructed centuries ago, and has quite possibly been disembellished and miscontrued by the men who were responsible in translating the truth.”