Gramatik & Break Science – Boogie Down

Here at DML, we sometimes find ourselves sinking into ruts, bringing you x house remix by famous producer y, time and time again. While everyone (myself included) loves to hear the latest Avicii or Skrillex, there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing our fans a bit of foreign cuisine. Although pizza is delicious, sometimes it’s nice to think outside the box, maybe order some sushi, or Thai.

Which brings me to this post. This “Glitch-hop” track is not something I’d usually post. Nor is it something I’d usually find myself listening to it. However, Gramatik and Break Science have done an admirable job here. The synths are catchy, the vocals well incorporated, and the overall production on this track is bar none. Even “the best of us” (and I use that term lightly) find ourselves in ruts occasionally. Sometimes all it takes to bust out of them is a little meandering on Soundcloud. Check out Boogie Down, it doesn’t disappoint. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life.