How To Be The Man

Riff Raff

When Riff Raff drops a new track there’s really not a ton a blogger like myself can say. Regardless of what I type in my write-up, people will either hate on Riff Raff without even listening to the song, or the real boys like myself will listen to it while we pet our Jody Huskies and sip Kool-Aid out of our Versace coffee mugs. Those who actually take the time to listen through his music will tell you that Riff Raff a.k.a. Donald Dunk a.k.a. Jody Highroller a.k.a. Raffaroni & Cheese a.k.a. Jody Kardashian a.k.a. The Neon Icon has some of the sickest bars in the game. His new single titled “How To Be The Man” is just what you’d expect from Riff Raff; an upbeat banger with a bunch of funny punchlines that sometimes make sense. Riff Raff is probably the most interesting and complex artist on the scene, and whether you like it or not he is here to say. I’m personally a huge fan of Riff, and can’t wait for his new album Neon Icon to drop on January 28th. If you actually give “How To Be The Man” a chance I guarantee you’ll love it.