Trey Palms I Hate You

I Hate You

Trey Palms

“I Hate You” is a little bit of a different sounding track from Trey Palms, but is dope nonetheless. Rather than a hip-hop banger like we’ve heard a lot of from Trey, in “I Hate You” he combines his flow with some melodic pop that makes for a fantastic Summer jam. Many rappers do not have the kind of versatility to pull off a song like this, but Trey is one of the few that can do it. Trey’s lyricism shines throughout this track, just like everyone is used to seeing from him. You’re completely tuned in during all of the song because “I Hate You” progresses throughout Trey’s verses.

I personally know a lot of what Trey Palms has up his sleeve for the rest of the year, and let me tell you that you want to start paying attention now. “I Hate You” is one of many amazing songs Trey has in his arsenal.