Kid Cudi

Who doesn’t love Kid Cudi. I think there should be a genre of music devoted purely to him. Anyway I’m hoping you guys got most of his mainstream stuff so I have to real nice remixes and an EPIC mashup with his stuff.

-Round Table Knights

I know “Embrace the Martian” is old. Like two years old. But I just reheard this remix and loved it so its going up. Round Table Knights take this and turn it into a banger.
Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights)-

DJ Philistine is sick. Like everything he touches turns into pure gold. This song is no exception as he does a great job remixing “Cudderisback”.
Cudderisback (DJ Philistine Edit)

First time I heard this I thought Vampire Weekend and Kid Cudi had gotten together. Then found out it was a mashup from DJ Slink. This song is gonna have you bobbing your head the whole the time. Get it.
Vampire Weekend Vs. Kid Cudi-