Killing Switch

Last Lynx

Sweden has given us lots of great non-musical things like meatballs, Ikea (the meatballs at Ikea) and H&M. Additionally, they’ve given us some terrible musical contributions like ABBA but in a great step towards redeeming themselves from the ladder, we have Last Lynx.

The baby band of only about 2 years was recently signed to SoFo Records of Sweden after gaining attention in Europe with their Alaska EP. The second single from their EP, “Luminous Blue”, has been circulating the blogosphere for the last week but I prefer the funkier “Killing Switch”, which you can download for free here.

Their sound is mostly upbeat and very familiar but they stand out because of their mellower electronic influences. Which other artists seem to be stocking up on these days. I haven’t detected a synth in any of their songs, so it’s safe to say they’re a real live band!