Life In Color: Unleash – Tulsa, OK April 11 Preview

3LAU Calise Carigz David Solano Mt Eden

The World’s Largest Paint Party, Life in Color, is making it’s rounds once again with the new Unleash tour, leaving a colorful paint trail behind it. For those of you in the midwest, have no fear! Throw on those cut-up, white T-shirts and get pumped because Unleash is making it’s way through Oklahoma’s party city! On April 11, Tulsa will be booming with the bass heavy beats of David Solano and Mt. Eden, and covered in a nice layer of neon paint. Check out the DJ’s and grab your tickets while you still can! 3LAU – Having a good ear for music really separates a great dj from pretenders. Justin Blau made his debut making catchy mashups but has recently crossed into the production realm. 3LAU likes combining vocals with a catchy electro house theme. He has recently become a crowd favorite among the college crowd and his presence on stage is only rivaled by his extensive knowledge of good music. Make sure to listen to his podcasts “3LAU House.”

Mt Eden - This dubstep duo comes straight from New Zealand, bringing unique beats and heavy drops with them. Their songs range from fast-paced dance music, to slower synthy tracks with soothing vocals. Their remixes add new flavor to some of the typical festival anthems, making them even more intriguing and danceable as ever, and an act you won’t want to miss!

David Solano – Good electro house does not get the credit it deserves. While some people claim the genre is becoming too generic, I have one thing to say…people like it because it is good. David Solano pairs high pitched synths with bass to really get the crowd moving. I can really appreciate a DJ that plays his own style of music and likes to introduce the crowd to some of the more underground stuff. Guaranteed to get your heart racing for the headliners.

Calise & Carigz – The newest to the industry, this DJ/producer duo is hitting the stage with something to prove. After success on the side stages at major festivals, Calise and newcomer Carigz are ready to show the crowd what they’ve been working on. With multiple new tracks unheard by anyone, these house/trance/progressive artists might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for as a fan of the industry.

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