Mashup Monday | April 15

I’m fairly certain that I say something along the lines of “I’m excited for this week” or “got some good stuff this week” every week. I know it’s not a bad thing but it gets repetitive. I guess it balances out all of those weeks where I can’t find anything and then get on my soapbox to complain because I can. Well I’m excited for this week all of the same – plenty of artists that I’ve never posted before and a few that only make occasional appearances. Great opportunity to branch out.

Muse is a treat, we don’t get to hear a lot of Muse in the mashup world, and this combination by Rems79 of Muse and Kings of Leon is just so utterly brilliant that I couldn’t believe it. It’s borderline indescribable, especially if you’re a Muse fan. The only problem I have with this track its creator is from France and might not read this site.

If you don’t know who Lindsey Stirling is then you probably have never heard of YouTube and I have some wonderfully lucrative home mortgage debt that I want to sell you. Ricky Cervantes does her all kind of justice on this track, I was really surprised by how much weight the violin instrumental was able to carry beyond the Youngblood Hawke vocals. You almost don’t notice them if you listen hard enough.

I think Luca Rubino knows how much I like 80′s synth otherwise there’s really no reason why this song is here. Granted the intro is pretty slow, in fact it takes about a minute before you even know its a mashup, but once those Kelly Clarkson vocals come in backed by the 80′s “Oh-Ohhhh-Oh” my big giant black heart melted.

If the word “Germany” wasn’t in his stage name, you would probably guess that MG was German anyways just by sheer fact that his mashups are so reliably good. He’s the archetypal German, precise and coordinated in everything, and his mashing leaves little to be desired. Mashup Germany has long been a favorite of mine, and will continue to be.

I am reasonably certain Chaworth was born well after 1990, which might not mean much to most of you, but to me that’s a pretty big deal, especially when you consider how much talent he has. Are his parents sound engineers? classical musicians? eccentric hippies living “off the grid” I have no idea – but clearly he’s eating his Wheaties. His latest two mashups are not overly complex, in fact they’re quite simple but they sound great, to my blunted ears, and I find it hard to turn down a good B.I.G. sample – you all know that.

If there’s one thing I like better than Cudi’s “Man on the Moon” it’s The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights.” Obviously that’s not true, but stil DJ MashHawk grabbed a couple remixes of each, did some wavy hand magic, and gave me a good music brain freeze.

Oh hey ridiculously depressed Rascal Flatts song, could you maybe be a little more upbeat so I could stand to listen to you without thinking of those ASPCA commercials about mistreated animals? Thanks. Dr.Brixx you wily bastard. I can’t recall even one Rascal Flats mashup, but now you’ve made one so good that I’ll be damned if I ever post another one.

I think DJ Lobsterdust has actually been around forever, he was around when I found mashups some ridiculously long time ago and he’s still making it work. This one actually sounded more like something I’d expect from Dr. Brixx, that Chemical Romance sample just screams him, but then you get that Calvin Harris note and you know you’re in for something special. If you’re not a MCR fan, then this will probably rub you the wrong way, but I loved it.

I go back and forth with The Melker Project there are some times (Icona Pop “I Love It” Remix) where I absolutely adore his stuff, and other times when I find myself asking why this noise needed to be made. Obviously this track found me on the plus side of the equation, I love how he treats hip-hop, and we could all use a little more hip-hop in our lives right?

What’s that you say? New Justin Timberlake? Better combine it with some 1974 Carl Douglas kind of racist “Kung Fu Fighting” right? Bootleggers Music had that same idea, and when I first pressed play I was incredulous, but it works, it works so good that I almost want to listen to Carl Douglas alone. Maybe watch Karate Kid a few times? I’m not a big JT fan I won’t lie, but this makes it pretty palatable.

Kind of an unusual week, hope you enjoyed some of the new stuff. Happy Monday