Mashup Monday | Aug. 19

Lately, this post has been functioning better as an “every-other-week” kind of thing, which really means, whenever my playlists hit a critical mass of good music that it’s time to empty it out and start fresh. It seems August has been a vacation month for most, the pace of releases has slowed dramatically and the stuff tumbling around SoundCloud isn’t as great as it used to be. Irregardless, I’m happy to post the tracks I’ve dug up the last 2 weeks or so.

I hate to do it, but I have to start off this week with a repost, DJ Trademark’s latest is too good, if you missed my original post on it – you need to listen to it now. Madeon, of course, set’s a beautiful stage with his “Technicolor” but Trademarks’s EDM ear has come to play with this phenomenal track, I love the way he classes up his EDM mashes.

I found this track on Facebook of all places, when one of the contributing members of The Early Mourning posted it personally, by itself, it’s a great track, but set in the reference of a Mixtape for a significant other, the Bruno Mars vocals really lend to a greater contextual meaning that I just can’t escape. I miss this kind of mashing, mashing with a purpose, a clear intent, an emotion, or a feeling that’s trying to get captured, bottled and sent around the world. It’s not to be missed, and I can’t agree with the sentiment more, make a mixtape, let someone know how you feel.

Naturally it wouldn’t be Mashup Monday without our weekly dose of ear clearing, perception altering work from Ricky Cervantes. What I love most about Ricky is that he, rather unapologetically, does whatever he wants, if he thinks it sounds good, it goes out, otherwise, better luck next time. I admire him most for his integrity in that regard, I’ve never heard one of his tracks and thought, “eh, could’ve been better.” I know it’s always his best work, and I love him for that. Plus he sends me tweets about macaroni and cheese balls.

I don’t remember the last time I posted a Colatron track but I know for certain it’s been quite a long time. This is a slower, melodic mash, but it’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. Definitely more of an “easy listening” crowd pleaser. It’s just brilliant, and awesome. No need for anything fancy.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a track by DJ Morgoth but I tend to stumble across his work every now and again and I’m never disappointed. I’ll admit, Awolnation’s “Sail” is a bit 14 months ago, but I love the track, and this new vocal sampling breathed an entirely new life into my appreciate of it. The Seeed vocals pair wonderfully, and seemlessly into the slow melodic, almost dubstep of Sail. Again, not a “panty dropped” but appreciate it for all the things it is, and you won’t even notice what it isn’t.

DJ Schmolli brings us “Recoverying From Taylor Swift” and I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if the point is to give her another round of mashup coverage, which she really doesn’t need, or put the nail in the coffin and leave it shut forever. In either case, I found this track had just the right balance of Taylor Swift and her groany emotional sing-whining, and paired nicely with the CHRVCHES instrumentals which I absolutely love.

I really can’t put my finger on why this track found it’s way onto my playlist this week, but that’s my privilege as the writer, not to need one. Every pass over the playlist this week and FBG$’s track climbed bit by bit, until it was the most played for the week. Sometimes it’s best not to ask why.

A new name to the list this week, Jules T this track favors Purity Ring’s “Odebear” pretty prominently and just enough of Kanye West for me to remember it was there, but not for me to remember Kanye or anything he’s naming his new baby. I really didn’t hear much of the Limp Bizkit, so I’ll just trust that it’s there, and that my ears know better than to post something that I don’t actually like.

I’ll be honest with all of you – I have no fewer than 6 Kill_mR_DJ tracks on my list this week, and I forced myself to choose just one, but if you like it, definitely go check out his soundcloud page, he’s got some really creative combo’s coming out that I can’t get enough of.

Honestly my memory isn’t good enough to know this, but I think this is the first time appearance on MM for SirMattyV and of course it comes on a Blink-182 fueled mash. In all honesty, he had me at “Say It Ain’t So” – I was done. Next song.

The tracks this week have been a little..slower, at least on the slower side, so I wanted to finish this week with a toe-tapper, yeah I’m really like 50 years old inside, don’t tell anyone. Flipboitamidles got a little funky last week with this one, Daft Punk v. Earth, Wind & Fire. I’ll be damned if you can get through this whole thing without bouncing your head – its infectious. It’ll get you.

Happy Monday Folks!