Mashup Monday | July 15

Turns out rainy Sunday’s get a little boring, I’ve been meaning to dust off Final Cut Pro for awhile, the last video I did was back in April, I really had no reason for stopping. I won’t lie it felt a little rusty at first but I was happy the way this came together; it helps that the original track by DJ ABSRD was so well put together, made my job relatively easy. Four or five hours later, this is one of my favorite videos yet. I probably say that every time. Oh well – enjoy!

I won’t lie – I’m still adjusting to the new soundcloud, there is either way more bad mashups than there used to be, or it just doesn’t work as well as the old one, I haven’t decided which it is yet, but finding new artists is ridiculously hard. Bare with me.

DJ Trademark hasn’t put out a track in awhile, not including his 4th of July mix, about 3 months. About the same amount of time I take between videos. But I don’t mind waiting, because his tracks are consistently original and well done. He normally takes a heavier EDM tone than this, but I liked the change of pace, the old Daft Punk sample and Ne-Yo vocals work really nicely together. This track has a phenomenal flow – I was really sad when it ended.

Speaking of artists I found browsing soundcloud, mAGONE is one of my most favorite finds. First it’s a her, which is really rare, not that I had anything to do with that, but second and most importantly, her tracks have a really unique sound that I really don’t get to hear a lot of. Ever since 30 Seconds to Mars x. Skrillex I’ve been hooked. This track is no different, the Dillon Francis/Aoki x. Imagine Dragons works brilliantly. Take a peep at the whole EP here.

It wouldn’t be Mashup Monday without the latest from DJ Topsider he’s been a staple of this post for months now, but I promise he earns every spot. Can you tell that he’s DJ Trademark’s brother? I can, they’re starting to rub off on one another. This track has a distinct “Trademark” feel, very high energy, steady EDM flow, not a bad thing, it works from time to time. That’s part of what I love about Topsider, each track or small EP comes with it’s own new feeling or vibe thats unlike what came before.

This track is mesmerizing, beware before you play it, you’ll get lost for approx 4:30. DJ Lobsterdust really weaves this one together beautifully. The Bruno Mars vocals lose that gross “pop” music feeling that usually weighs them down, and the Lana Del Ray instrumental gets elevated beyond the dulldrum lounge singer feeling they sometimes get. Clearly I’m not a huge fan of the subsequent parts of this mashup, but in the right hands they come together so beautifully you’d be a fool to pass this one up.

Elocnep adds another feather in his cap with the release of part 4 of Smash The Dance Floor – available here – obviously the tracks range across a wide spectrum of genre’s and styles, and even include a few guest appearances. This happens to be my favorite track from the EP. I think it’s mostly because this was my favorite track from Daft Punk’s latest album, but the “Rapper’s Delight” vocals work over the instrumental like a Bob Ross watercolor. If that doesn’t sell you then I don’t know what will.

This is probably the last nail in the “Moves Like Jagger” coffin, but I’m totally okay with that, if I had to pick a track to go out on, it would be this one. Luca Rubino really does this one justice with a quality Within Temptation x. Maroon 5 mash. That “Faster” sample just gives me straight goosebumps.

Flipboitamidles is my latest rising star, this time featured with Isosine a long favorite of mine. The best part is that he does his own video work, which is a skill I clearly admire. This mash isn’t really mind blowing, but sometimes the simplest ones give me the greatest reward. Something simple and well done is a trait worth defending these days when soundcloud is littered with Girl Talk admirers throwing every sample on their hard drive together praying someone notices. I notice tracks like these – the good ones.

I don’t know why Dr. Brixx wanted to distance himself from this track, but it appeared under a different account, like he was trying to hide it from me…tsk tsk. He says it was a goof, just a request, but nothing about it says it’s a goof. It’s exactly what I’d expect from one of the best alternative mashers I know. Fall Out Boy x. Rise Against – hello angsty teenager! I loved every moment of this track, and so did my inner 17 year old.

I don’t know much about TheFatRat but Ricky Cervantes’ latest EP “Lab Rat EP” checks all of my boxes. One of the best upbeat electro mashes I’ve heard in awhile, the Avicii vocals aren’t overplayed *yet* and the whole thing just oozes talent and creativity. Kind of like Ricky. What a bastard.

And then there’s Mitch-Mash. Every time I think I’ve got him pegged down, he pulls a new rabbit out of his hat, and just like magic I’m staring at the equalizer on soundcloud wondering how it happens, what’s his secret, where does it come from. It’s just talent ladies and gentlemen, pure and simple. Do I have to wait 4 months between tracks, yes. Is it totally worth it just to hear what this guys brain puts together, absolutely. It’s such a cerebral experience I need a cigarette when it’s all said and done.

That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy and Happy Monday!