Mashup Monday | July 22


Another week – another video – if you’re keeping track that’s 2 for 2 so far, we’ll see what comes down the pipe for next week – right now it’s still up in the air; for now enjoy DJ Topsider’s “This Feeling” feat. Usher, Icona Pop & Hyper Crush.

First up this week we’ve got an EP from Isosine entitled “Nine Zero” – A mashup EP between Nine Inch Nails’ “Year Zero” and Trifonic’s “Ninth Wave”. It’s probably one of the most creative and original sounding EP’s I’ve heard this year. Beware, if you’re not a NIN fan – you probably won’t like it, but being that I am one, it’s great for work this morning. Check out my favorite track, “Zeros and Ones”.

And then there’s this little treat from Ricky Cervantes + Frail Limb Purity entitled “Shove.” I absolutely love the Seven Lions sample – so they basically already had me at “hello.” When you throw in the No Doubt vocal sample and the lovely editing that FLP does I really couldn’t ask for anything better.

While the title suggests this is a “vocal bootleg” which is a term that still bewilders me, it shares the mashup tag so I think I’m safe! This is DJ Trademark’s latest, “Into the Light” which carries his “trademark” (get it? I’m so punny), EDM flare. He even sneaks in a little Icona Pop, which I’ll admit is starting to get old – but maybe that’s just because I watched the video like 30 times this weekend…yeah it’s probably that. Regardless of the tags on this one – I love the energy and slow build he brings to the mashup game.

Not a new name, but a rare one – DJ Foxfire brings us this tasty slow jam, a soulful combo of Bruno Mars, JT + Jay Z, and Chris Brown. Nothing special but well done, just proving my point that complexity for complexity sake gets us no where – do something simple and do it well.

This one’s a sneaky one – for the first 2/3′s it sounds like a solid K-Ci & JoJo tribute, then like 3 minutes in – the gloves come off and your life gets changed forever. It’s like one of those goofy youtube videos that scares you 30 seconds in – but way better, and not scary, so really nothing like that at all. If I had a better way of describing this I would, but Dr. Brixx doesn’t make this shit easy.

PennWallace pays tribute to some oldies with this one – “Harlem Oates” apparently started over a year ago and finished just recently, an Orea worthy combination of Hall and Oates “Rich Girl” and B.I.G.’s “Mo Money Mo Problems” feat. a name I never thought I’d see again Ma$e, whose vocals really made this track for me. Simply put, it’s just an awesome mash with some contextual relevancy that can’t be ignored.

I’m just going to say up front – you will either love this one immediately, or hate it and skip it. I loved it – obviously – but it’s the kind of slow, complex, contemplative mashup that you hear so rarely, I would be remiss not to post it. ScottScottScott has a knack for these kinds of tracks – as evidenced by “Dear Vagabond” and I hope he makes more just like it.

That’s it this week. Happy Monday & as always, enjoy.