Mashup Monday | Sept. 17


Hello everyone, lots of changes today, first I’m going to try to write far less, last week (and maybe the last couple) got far too wordy. In an effort to streamline the post and make it easier to read through I’m going to post a track along with a few comments and that’s it, move right on. You’ll also notice no video this week, unless it directly relates to the post I’m going to make those a rarer occurrence. Let me know how you like the changes.


The Veldt Edge In My Life - Compson Sound

First this week is a track that Compson Sound posted as a track he uses to open, and its easy to hear why. It’s a great combination of build and high energy finish, the Coldplay feels a little recycled but the strong EDM current is undeniably fresh, by the first drop about 60 seconds in you’re swept away (or at least I was). +1 For superb use of Beatles samples.


FREE - Ricky Cervantes

Ricky, ricky, ricky, what am I going to do with you, slow down, release an EP or something. His latest continues in the trend of fantastically done, original sounding, creative masterpieces. The sound of this one is hard to put to words; on one hand you get T.I. sample we’ve all heard 100 times, on the other is the glitched up ethereal Major Lazer//Trapzilla effects that bring a whole new feel. Have some fun with this one.


Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice - D.Veloped

D.Veloped has been a constant on my playlists for at least the past year if not longer, today he released his latest Mixtape, “Work Party: 2 Weeks Notice.” I won’t even try to summarize it, download it and listen at your own speed, tracked or full – it’s well put together and chock full of samples and energetic as hell. Not disappointed. (Download Tracked/Not)


Angels Roulette - Scott Melker

Scott Melker popped up on my soundcloud a few weeks ago, not for anything new but sort of a link, leads to a link, leads to a link, kind of thing and now I’m wondering how it took me so long. This latest “Angels Roulette” might be skirting the rules of Mashup Monday as it’s a leaked XX track with some Rihanna drums over top, not the truest form, but damn sexy. Fantastic after dark//watch the sunrise track.


Miss Murder's Personal Jesus - Celldweller

Closing down for the week is “Miss Murder’s Personal Jesus,” a gritty combo of Electro House and AFI//Depeche mode vocals by an artist called Celldweller. You all know how I love my genre mashes and this one leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Great elecro bits, perfect use of “Personal Jesus” samples, listen in public, listen in private, its like green eggs and ham – great just about anywhere.

Short and sweet – happy Monday. Enjoy.