Mashup Monday | Sept. 9

Lucky for you folks, I don’t feel much like working today, which means I’ve had a ton of time to listen to music, and we got some good ones today. Hope you all had a great holiday weekend last week, I know I did, but it left a lot in the hopper so let’s get to it.

Honestly who doesn’t love the “Cups” song from “Pitch Perfect” – Anna Kendrick killed that, and the video for the 2nd movie or whatever she did that video for, is even more fun. Biscuits make everything better. You take that song, and you add some sweet piano chords and some Kendrick Lamar vocals and you’ve got Isosine‘s latest recipe for amazingness. I love his style, the fluidity and feel that he gives his tracks is really quite stellar. Not to be missed.

Remember Taking Back Sunday? I didn’t at first, then I heard this song, and about 2 months of high school came roaring back at me. Remember how angsty we all were? This track from The Early Mourning has nostalgia written all over it, but I love it. Don’t be afraid to capture some emotion! Music these days is such crap, like ear Twinkie’s, invest in some quality ear food.

This is probably my favorite track of the week, and it’s so simple, Kanye West + Glitch Mob, but that simplicity and the treatment each of these samples gets is why Frail Limb Purity is on the top of my list. It’s so brilliant. I could legitimately put this on repeat for an hour and not even be bothered. I’m no music scholar, but I’m pretty sure this is the 21st century of some kind of Gregorian chant that we listened to in “Western Civ” in high school. In the best way possible, it captures your attention and just won’t let it go, just when you’ve settled into it, it changes.

Cohen might be a new name for some of you, though I think he’s been featured here before. This 7 minute track is certainly not short of samples, with a list of tracks that reads more like the acts from Electric Zoo than a mashup. I’m quite okay with it, because it doesn’t sound anything like Electric Zoo. The Lana Del Rey and Rihanna vocals really power this track to a new level, above it all. Loved all 7 minutes.

Dr. Brixx has been quiet for awhile, and truth be told I was a little unhappy that this track had only two samples and one of them was One Direction…but the other one was Imagine Dragons so I had to give it a shot. It’s not what I’d normally expect from him, but it works, and I love seeing artists branch out, even if its in the poppier direction…lol get it, direction. And yeah I just typed out lol in a blog post.

Flipboitamidles reminds us all how Michael Jackson samples deserve to be treated. Need I say more? If you’re gonna take an unmistakable legend and use it in a mashup, it better fucking sparkle and shoot rainbows from it’s ass.

Yes, I’m featuring Frail Limb Purity twice in one post, because his two tracks are really so radically different that I had to separate them so you’d listen to them both. When I first found the internet, I asked my dad for names of bands, and Blue Oyster Cult was one of the ones he gave me, and I’ve loved them ever since. So not only does this hold a special place in my heart, but the FLP treatment really elevates it to the point where I don’t even need to feel embarrassed that I listen to Blue Oyster Cult. So lovely.

I’m actually not a huge fan of Fort Minor or their work, but somewhere between the Aerosmith guitar riff’s and GRiZ’s dubstep-y breakdowns I found myself liking this track. FrankCarmine has been making a big surge lately, I think this is week 3 or 4 in a row for him, and I like the direction things are going.

The Hood Internet took a leap on this one, diverting from their typical A+B style to include a whopping 4 samples. The effect, rather than turning into a mess, was actually the opposite, a really pure and crisp sound. I’m not surprised though – they always do their tracks justice. My qualms with their tracks aren’t usually with technique, its normally just sample choice. In other words – they’re basically printing money, if I paid for their music that is…

Thanks Kill_mR_DJ for using an Icona Pop song that isn’t “I Love It.” Don’t get me wrong, great song, but beat to death like the printer from “Office Space.” It’s time to move on. The etherial Lana Del Rey vocals pair really beautifully with the Icona Pop instrumentals, a perfect pairing of energy and melancholy.

Ricky Cervantes continues his reign as “freak masher who won’t stop putting out music that I have to post”, this week coming up with a song that could’ve easily been made 2 years ago. Aptly tagged “2011 called, they want their samples back.” It didn’t really bother me any, good music is good music, and this is a fun one. Nothing wrong with a good foot tapper from our friend in Chicago.

Closing out the list this week is a new face, at least for me, MashMike with a strangely named track “JubelLovers” which I’m afraid to put into UrbanDictionary at work… It’s a great track though, definitely one that would make my S/O playlist if I had one. A bit tribal, oddly sensual, really nothing to hate about this one. That SEX-aphone…. Kenny G would be proud.

Happy Monday!