DML Interview

Max Marshall

This week I was fortunate to catch up with London recording artist Max Marshall for a brief interview. She is currently working on her new EP after the successful release of her debut mixtape, Forgive Me. Max has an awesome taste in production and really blew me away with the extreme creativity behind her lyrics and ability to come up with cool concepts. My ears tell me that she will be doing this for a long time. Looking forward to her new EP coming later this year!



Thanks for joining us Max! What has been your favorite thing to do lately? Any new obsessions?

My new obsession is white clothing and accessories and most recently my time has been consumed with putting out more music for my listeners to hear.

Tell us a little bit about when you were younger. When did music first pop-up into your life?

Music has always been a predominant figure in my life. From growing up listening to the work of Nathan Carter and New Shiloh Baptist Church School of Music to listening to records with my mother.

“Forgive Me” was an awesome mixtape. When was that recorded and was anyone else aiding you in the beat choice or writing? Loved your vocals over the Dr. Dre production on Boss’s Life.

Forgive me was recorded over a couple days in the same month it was released (March). Producers Electric were relevant parts of the production on yesterday and Forgive me and the other tracks were my ideas put down. All lyrics that weren’t sampled I’m responsible for.

Fashion is something you’re also very passionate about. Are you working on any designs right now? What is your greatest accomplishment in that industry?

Fashion goes hand in hand with music so it’s definitely a big part of me. Getting the 2 degreesin itself was a big accomplishment as well as my graduate show (which I made a soundtrack for the catwalk).

Tell us about the EP you’re working on right now. Will we have it by the end of the year?

The EP I’m working on is an expansion of my listeners knowledge of the many things I can do. I don’t want to be categorised by one genre and with the new tracks you’ll hear a bit more of the surprise filled me. And it will be released before the end of the year.

You’re only 21 years old. How do you envision yourself five years from today?

5 years from today I envision myself as someone doing what they love: Music and Fashion.