Mother Earth Remixes Pt. 1

Mother Earth Remixes are created by Andrew David, a college kid at Penn State who definitely has a knack for this whole mashup thing.  These are hands down some of the best chopped and screwed bastard pop tracks out there.  Not only are these tracks clean, they show true time and effort put in by their creator.  These five tracks I posted below are what I would call the greatest hits of all of his works check ‘em out

One of the more original mixes I’ve heard.  Its a really cool chill song with both Nelly Furtado and Lil Wayne, two artists who could definitely win most likely to never be photographed in public together.

Lil Wayne vs. Turn Out the Lights

Rick Ross and a bunch of skinny, nerdy white guys with tight t-shirts.  Can’t beat it

Hustlin’ vs. Island in the Sun

Beyonce brought back Tupac for this remix of her hit Halo and he absolutely kills it

Halo (2pac Remix)

My personal favorite and definitely one of the best remixed tracks I have heard.  This song is an absolute necessity for your collection.

Fire vs. Snow (Hey Yo)

A little bizarre and definitely repetitive, but anyone with broader music taste should appreciates an oldschool AFI beat with this infamous Weezy track.

A Milli vs. AFI