Clinton Sparks My Awesome Mixtape 4

My Awesome Mixtape 4

Clinton Sparks

I’ve honestly never been too much of a fan of EDM outside of festivals, but Clinton Sparks’ new mixtape may have completely changed my opinion. Clinton Sparks not only proves himself as an artist on My Awesome Mixtape 4, but also as a producer. The way he combined hip-hop and electronic music was insane. There was not a single song out of the 36 that I didn’t enjoy. I don’t think I’ve turned My Awesome Mixtape 4 off since I got it last night.

If the sick drops/beats Clinton Sparks crafts throughout the project aren’t enough (which they will be), the other artists featured will definitely grab your attention. Does the name Mike Stud sound familiar? What about Tity Boi, aka 2 Chainz? Riff Raff? Rick Ross? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Every verse/drop on this mixtape is tremendous; the talent on My Awesome Mixtape 4 is undeniable.

The download link is below (and embedded above), so definitely cop this. Clinton Sparks is on the come-up, and I personally believe his forthcoming album will skyrocket his popularity. There’s even a special introduction from Hulk Hogan, so click that download link before I hit you with a leg drop, brother!