jon bellion

One More Time

Jon Bellion

I’ve been a fan of Visionary Music Group’s Jon Bellion for quite a while now, but I think his newest single “One More Time” has to be my favorite song that he’s ever put out. I could go on and on about why that is, but I’ll just list the main reasons. First of all, that instrumental is insane. The upbeat electronic sound gives a party-ish vibe, but at the same time Bellion’s beautiful vocals mesh with it and prove to be much more than a banger. Second of all, just like we’ve come to expect from Visionary Music Group’s right-hand man GRVTY, the visuals are amazing. They capture every word Jon sings and puts it on a tremendous display. Finally, and most importantly, Jon sings his heart out in “One More Time”. Don’t get me wrong, he sounds amazing in all his songs, but this track really stuck out to me.

That’s enough rambling; just take my word for it that this song is really, really good. Check out the music video above, and get ready to jam!