Chasing Cars (Gazzo Remix)

Snow Patrol

Continuing his string of free production offerings, while gearing up for a number of original releases, Gazzo has taken us back a few years with his latest remix work. In celebration of reaching 20,000 Facebook fans, he has taken on Snow Patrol’s classic Chasing Cars, flipping the relatively subdued track into a dance floor sing-along […]


Mercer – Turn It Up [Tchami Remix]


The EDM industry is booming right now and popularity and exposure has never been higher. If you’re like me you are getting a little tired of seeing your favorite artists going a bit too mainstream and losing touch with their truly inspiring sound. Now I don’t think I’m crazy when I say us fans have […]


Astronaut – Apollo (SLDGHMR Remix)


I have nothing but appreciation for artists who decide to take their music in completely unexplored territories. With EDM on the rise it is important to be original, and SLDGHMR seems to have no trouble understanding that. The focus here is certainly on the remix portion of the original “Apollo” by the Canadian Astronaut. SLDGHMR […]


Crizzly’s “All Black Everything” Tour Interview


“Can’t stop, won’t stop” On stage Christopher Lee Marshall, better known by his fans as Crizzly, bounces around behind his laptop and turntables as a huge gold chain swings back and forth around his neck. With heart-stopping strobe lights flashing around him, Crizzly shoots invisible guns into the audience as the beat drops and the […]


Something Unheard Of Experience (Documentary)

Tree Ave

Detroit recording artist Tree Ave delivers an incredible Documentary leading up to his first concert in East Lansing, MI. Directed by Adam Fynke. Listen to ‘Player’s Ball’: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube  

Tyler Sherritt - Spring [Sosei] Image

Fresh Squeeze: Full Interview + “Spring” Track Preview

Tyler Sherritt

With EDM growing at such a rapid rate it shouldn’t be surprising that breakthrough artists are playing shows in your local area without you realizing. Similarly, these same artists while attempting to find their own sound, are producing some extremely experimental, progressive, genre-crossing music. One artist that has caught my attention is the Alaska born, […]


Candles (Third Culture Edit)


Fresh off the launch of his new website, Third Culture releases his first track in over 6 months, taking on indie trio Daughter‘s track, Candles. Taking a decidedly bold sidestep from his previous uptempo, progressive remixes, he takes a slower, more ambient approach to the rework, while maintaining his signature melodic tendencies. Taking one of […]


Ming (Original Mix)

AObeats & Manila Killa

  DML favorite Chris Gavino, who masquerades as the one and only Manila Killa, teamed up last week with up and coming producer AObeats again to release the genre-defying, feline influenced “Ming.” Experimenting with a number of styles over the past few years, the Killa has more recently been heading in a downtempo, trap-tinged, disco-influenced […]

stars above

Black Diamonds EP

Stars Above

The mutli-talented electronic music industry extraordinaire Joshua Bull, known musically under his moniker Stars Above, has just dropped off his new EP, entitled Black Diamonds. His most comprehensive release to date, the 3-track offering is a testament to Joshua’s desire to rise above the often stagnant genre profiles, break the rules, and create his own […]

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