Mother Earth Remixes Pt. 1

Mother Earth Remixes are created by Andrew David, a college kid at Penn State who definitely has a knack for this whole mashup thing.  These are hands down some of the best chopped and screwed bastard pop tracks out there.  Not only are these tracks clean, they show true time and effort put in by […]

5 & A Dime

Greg Kantor aka 5 & A Dime is unreal, hes a student at Lehigh University and one of the best up-and coming mashup artists today. The majority of his mashups are “Girl-Talk” party mashups with short samples in them. He just put out his first album The Other White Meat earlier this year and has […]

Collin McLoughlin

I’ve said it multiple times and will say it again, this guy is SICK. He is a grad student at NYU and is also a member of the hip-hop group Nautical Young which was started when he was a student at Colgate. He is going solo through the same management team which brought up Sam […]

Aaron Smith (or the Artist Formally Known as Shwayze)

New remix to one of Shwayze’s hits this summer, in my opinion even sicker than the original.  After his recent split with the rest of his crew, he has gone back to his birthname for his new mixtape that came out last week… we’ll probbaly throw that up later, but we were kind of underwhelmed […]

DJ Diplo

For those of you who have been lucky enough to experience Diplo live, you know how this beat’s drop is well worth the wait.  For those of you who haven’t, check out his remix to Dead Prez’s Hip Hop. Download Hip Hop (Diplo Remix)

Mashup Germany

If you haven’t heard of Mashup Germany by now then you’ve been missing out big time. He’s a 26 year old Half American living in Germany putting out a shit ton of mashups. Though some of his stuff features European music (which I’m sure a lot of you wont like) he does feature a lot […]

PJ Simas

PJ Simas is a rapper out of No-Cal who is currently a junior out of Cal-Poly. He just put out his own mixtape the SLO Life which if you guys like these three track of his Back 2 School Mixtape Series I’m putting up today I will put up later. Three covers here, “Dj Got […]

Sammy Adams

Ok new Sam Adams leak today (well yesterday now) off his new tape dropping really soon. Got best of both worlds with both Sam and Rusko on this track. DUBSTEP baby! Hold On Download Hold On   But since Still I Rise is available to purchase on itunes, I’ll leave you guys with two other […]

no malice

No Malice – June (featuring Eric David) (Official Video)

[youtube] The other half of Clipse lets go the very first video and single from his upcoming album Hear Ye Him. No Malice has all the wit and lyricism of Pusha T, but he comes across a bit more relaxed in this track. I’ve always been a big fan of Clipse as a whole, […]

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