Saturday Night Fever

We’re back at it again with the second week of our newest segment featuring the very best of disco & French house. We’re getting extra funky this weekend, so be sure to check out what we have in store for you. We start things off first with some new Boys Noize. Now this German fella has made quite the name for himself in the EDM industry for his funky acid house stylings, but he takes us back to 2006 this week with “Donnastag”, a tribute to Donna Summer he created under his old stage name of 909D1SCO. You can hear some of his future influences in it, but this definitely a disco heater. Following that, we’ve got the latest from RAC. He takes a different step this time around with an indie acoustic song, but’s bouncy and upbeat enough to warrant a spot on this week’s SNF. I added this one in last second, but I’m so glad I did. Ryan just sent me over an excellent edit of the Temper Trap’s indie anthem “Sweet Disposition”. My background on this track is a little rough, but from what I can understand, Mattias Polanco remixed this guy named MAM and decided to throw in some Temper Trap vocals for good measure. In absolute love with this one, thanks Ryan. Speaking of love, Chateaubriand decided to take Bibio’s song “Lover’s Carving” and spice things up a bit. When I think of the direction I want SNF to go in, this is the track I think of. And to finally end the week off, we’ve got a new one by AFTU that will be spinning on my iTunes for weeks to come. “Babymaking” is funky, sexy, and fun for the whole family. Loves it

Download the Bibio remix here!




Grand Rapids (RAC Mix)


Sunset Funk (MP's 'Sweet Disposition' Edit)


Lover's Carving (Chateaubriand Remix)