Slow Down Sundays

Trying something else out again so bear with me on this. This’ll be your weekly stop for the chillest music in the blogosphere, focusing mainly on post-dubstep and garage, but picking everything else up in between. If you still haven’t picked up xxyyxx’s album yet, you can snag it here for only $1. Absolutely worth it. Hit the jump for more music.

We’ll first start things off with an insane new trip hop edit of the mau5′s newest single by Prototype Raptor. Love love love the Daft Punk usage towards the end. Following that up, I’ve also included a Handbook LP from a few months back. It’s a lot of sample-based instrumentals that remind me a lot of RJD2 or even early Pretty Lights, which if you’re into that kind of stuff can absolutely make your day. After that, we’ve got one of the chillest productions I’ve heard in a while: a Feist remix done flawlessly by The Ambassadeurs. This is the stuff dreams are made of. If Handbook wasn’t your style, but you like instrumentals, be sure to check out “Pandas&Owls” by Sound Genesis, it’s got a perfect summer feel to it as well. Detz has some dope new future garage after that that’s worth checking out and last but not least, we’ve got something Mister Madeaux picked out himself. Heroes x Villains recently chopped and screwed their way into my heart with this one, absolute beaut.

Download “May” here!
EDIT: If you want to download the Handbook LP, click download and take the second /download out of the URL

prototype raptor

The Veldt (PrototypeRaptor's Serve Over Ice Bootleg Remix)


All The Time LP


The Water (Ambassadeurs Reconstruction)