Wear Me Out

Skylar Grey

Included is a short preview of the audio from soundcloud, the full song is shown in the video.
As part of her upcoming album, ‘Don’t Look Down’, Skylar Grey has produced this wonderful pop track that stands alone out of her work. With ‘Wear Me Out‘, she puts forward a song ready for a big band and full of a power many songs lack; very much along the likes of Lana Del Ray.
With the video, it seems to be an interesting take on what the song is about; youth, fighting, and the ‘wear and tear’ of relationships. (Also catch the sneaky dre beats ad at 1:27. If only all ads were like that)

Expect to hear the full audio stream on the Interscope soundcloud page, where you’ll also catch another one of her latest single releases, ‘Final Warning‘ which came out just over a month ago.
Also of note is Eminem is producing her album ‘Don’t Look Down’, hence his appearance on the song ‘C’mon Let Me Ride‘.